Public Spaces In Guangta St
Architecture / Urban / Data visualization / Render
"Public Spaces In Guangta St" is a retrofit project for Guangta St, Guangzhou, China. It aims to improve the quality of resident’s life. Guangta St is a typical old community in Guangzhou, including people from different age groups, especially children and elders.

In this project, The road system, public spaces, residents' behaviour, and other features in the street were analysed. We arrange the community for 3 areas(entertainment space, shopping space, and excercise space) and I chose the entertainment space for further retrofit design works. In this space, 3 potential retrofitting sites were selected.

Site 1, an entertaining space: This area is particularly for the old generation. During the exploration, my team members and I found that card games and Mahjong were popular among elders. The community needed more public space for these activities. We choose the site, which is next to the main entrance of the st—aiming to engage more elders to find and assemble in this place for entertainment.

Site 2, a reading and socialising space: This area is for young and mid-age generations. It used to be an abandoned warehouse where it is very quite in the centre of this district. We retrofitted this area for reading and socialising to improve the cohesion of residents. The space can also be a cafe or a small business to benefit the economy of the street.

Site 3, a playground: This area is for children and parents. We noticed this site where children and parents assembled spontaneously. Some new facilities and infrastructure for children could be implemented in this area. 

Team members:
Zhen Xiong
Peihua Guo
Zuozhou Chen


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