Peaceful Blue
Poster + Zine + Card / Archive
"Peaceful Blue" is a souvenir design for the National Gallery of Victoria(NGV)  's artwork collections.  It is also an archive of Japanese anti-war posters from NGV's storage.

"Peaceful Blue" has collected 8 Japanese anti-war posters.  Blue is a classic colour to express "No war" and "peace" and is the primary colour of those representative works.  These contexts inspire me to use blue as a storyline and primary colour in my design work.

In this project, I explored the possibility of the souvenir.  Considering customers' different performances, "Peaceful Blue" is a new form of printed work that can be collected as a poster, a zine, or cards by tearing up and reconstructing.  The typography of this work referred to Japanese kanji and Japanese layout style.



© Zhen Xiong