Menshen Food 
Branding / Product / 3D Modeling / Rendering
‘Menshen Food’ is an original fictional food brand. The idea of this branding is generated in 2019 and modified in 2023. It is my personal branding design practice.

In Chinese tradition, ‘Menshen’(ㄇㄣˊ ㄕㄣˊ, Door gods) are gods for protecting accommodations. They represent safety and luck. ‘Menshen’ is a rare character who does not have stabilised and specific identification, and is allowed to be recreated in the traditional culture.

There is a space for doing design from ‘Menshen’.
‘Menshen Food’ is a brand based on ‘Menshen’ culture. Its logo combines the calligraphy of Chinese characters (门神). The brand aims to send best wishes & best nuts to its customers.

※This project is a Non-commercial Project



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