Kaiju X Architecture
Illustration / T-shirt / Pattern design
As a big fan of Kaiju and an architecture learner, I find an interesting simultaneous phenomenon that both the classic Kaijus and the classic architectures can make us feel a concise, harmonious impressive impact. At least, you might not forget their great forms, isn't it?

Then, following the timeline, Kaiju and architecture design turned to using more complicated technologies, to use more complicated patterns to decorate their textures or facades to engage our hearts. Also, some works show respect and imitate some significant precedents.

Based on this personal feeling, in 2019, I did a case study to design a series of T-shirts and other accessories to express my passion for those giant monsters and to remember those lovely days of learning architecture.


-Swos721 Blk BT
-Hero New


© Zhen Xiong