Hero Is In The Underground
Data visualization / Illustration / Branding
"Hero is in the underground" is one of my design practice in 2019. The government has built the metro library to show its encouragement of reading. But many reasons led to the cold shoulder the metro library met. There is no clear sign or guidance from the metro library. Meanwhile, people nowadays lack reading habits. I hope to activate the metro library by my design to boost the public's passion for reading.

Books are the treasures of humankind, while everyone respects martial arts heroes. "Metro Library" is "hidden" in the subway station, which is very similar to the living condition of "martial art heroes" in Chinese culture, who stay "hidden" among the crowd. So, I chose to use the martial arts element to activate the Metro Library around map design, transportation card design, and other accessories designs.

-Source Han Sans


© Zhen Xiong