Happy New Year “tu”/ “兔” You
3D modeling / Illustration /Poster
"Happy New Year "tu"/"兔 (tù,ㄊㄨ)" You" is a Lunar new year celebrating project. In this project, we tried to find the common points between East and West Cultures. We mixed the Chinese character "兔 (tù,ㄊㄨ, means rabbit)" with "to" and "too "and designed a series of plump 3D rabbit figures to express the best wishes to audiences from different cultural backgrounds. The 3D rabbit and the 3D carrot are the main elements of this project. For the carrot, we combined the carrot shape with the Chinese gold ingot shape, which means happiness and richness. Hope everything goes well in this rabbit year!

※This project is a Non-commercial Project


Design by: Xinyuan(Caesar) Li & Zhen Xiong


© Zhen Xiong