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• Finalist in Student Design Crafts in AGDA awards 2022

• Finalist in Student Print in AGDA awards 2022

• POLY Design Communication Award for Practice Community Leadership 2022


• 3rd Prize in the 2020 China Competition of Creative Packaging Design in the Fresh Undergraduate Group.

Hi, I’m Zhen Xiong ( Zhen/Real ),
a multidiscipline designer!
Making you happy is the goal of my design work.

Hi, I’m Zhen, a designer. I was born and studied architecture in China, and now I am living and starting my exploration of graphic/communication design in Australia. My experiences enable me to solve different design problems promptly and express my design ideas freely with my 3D, illustration, and handcrafting skills.

I’m exploring the possibility of using new technology and materials in the creative design industry. Making my audience happy is the goal of my design work! Please feel free to contact me to exchange ideas and for commission.

I’m happy to serve you with branding, packaging, architecture, and other creative design needs.

Proficient in:

Adobe Photoshop / Adobe Illustrator / Adobe Indesign / Adobe Dimension / Cinema 4D/ Sketch up / AutoCAD / Rhino / Blender / Keyshot / Twinmotion / Paperkura / SolidWorks Procreate / MS office / etc.




Master of Communication Design
RMIT University, Australia 

Bachelor of Architecture
Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, China


Research assistant at RMIT University,
School of Global, Urban, and Social Studies (GUSS)
2022.9- 2022.12

Volunteer for
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art (ACCA)
2022.9- Present

Volunteer for RMIT ‘Folding Social’ exhibition
2022.7- 2022.10

Junior graphic designer at Wuhan Zesun advertising agency
2020.4- 2020.7

Freelance designer
2019.12- 2020.4

Architectural design Intern
at Shanghai Brearley Architects & Urbanists(BAU)
2018.9- 2018.11

Animation character Designer
Guangzhou Jimei Design Co., Ltd
2017.6- 2017.8

Stage Actor
Guangdong Alpha Animation and Culture Co., Ltd
2016.6- 2016.8

︎ zhenxiongdesign@gmail.com

︎ +61 0466 1040 62

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